Faithful to the Law & Fair to All

Colonel Malcolm Squires

"Captain Flynn meets problems head-on with enthusiasm and resolves them with practical solutions. Blessed with superior management skills, analytical ability, and a commanding knowledge of both ethics and criminal law, Michael has the competence and potential to reach the highest levels of leadership in our Total Army."

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Dautrich

"Captain Michael Flynn is a superb officer-lawyer who possesses degrees of judgment, maturity, and diligence found only in a small number of judge advocates. His research skills are unsurpassed and he always can be counted on to analyze every conceivable aspect of a problem. Captain Flynn has quickly become our subject matter expert in the complex and sensitive areas of professional responsibility, area jurisdiction, and the Victim/Witness Assistance Program. Intensely dedicated and committed, Mike Flynn is one of our finest judge advocates."

Lieutenant Colonel Michele Miller

"Major Flynn applied a consistently calm and logical approach to expertly resolving a huge variety of legal issues."

Colonel William Feyk

"Calm, professional, and reliable, Mike can be trusted to quickly spot the issues, aggressively resolve them, and keep the command on track."

Major James Diliberti

"Routinely bombarded with very difficult and time sensitive legal questions, Mike always provides responsive, clear, legally correct advice. His superb technical abilities are enhanced by his tremendous capacity for work and calm, well-reasoned approach to solving even the most difficult issues. Mike has the rare ability to immediately identify the legal issue, determine the appropriate resources to consult, and then develop legally correct, thoroughly researched opinions. When confronted with issues that present seemingly insurmountable legal hurdles, Major Flynn is relentless in pursuing alternative courses of action."

Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Morris

"Michael Flynn is one of the Army's strongest majors by intellect, experience, and temperament. He shouldered a crushing workload and provided patient guidance. Supremely ethical, organized, and creative, Major Flynn would be a superior chief of criminal law."


Faithful to the Law & Fair to All

Colonel James Coyne

"Major Mike Flynn's performance was superb. His workhorse ethic and legal acumen were invaluable to commanders, staff and judge advocates. Able to quickly analyze a problem, then provide a common sense answer, his opinions were cogent and persuasive even when giving the difficult 'no' answer."

Major General Herbert Altshuler

"Major Flynn is a highly competent attorney. Energetic, innovative and knowledgeable, he spearheaded the successful effort to streamline our courts and boards processes."

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Connell

"Major Flynn possesses superior litigation and military justice skills. His extensive experience with courts-martial and private practice litigation are of tremendous value to the Army."

Captain Stephanie Spahn

"Captain Flynn is highly self-motivated. He is among the Judge Advocate General Corps' brightest and best young attorneys. He possesses the talent, initiative and tact to do any legal task."

Lieutenant Colonel John Caulking

"Captain Flynn is an outstanding officer,  attorney and leader in every way. He possesses and displays a strict professional and personal ethical code. He is superenergized and creative. A self-starter who can accomplish any mission and invites the next challenge, Captain Flynn is an officer who can do it all.  He performs all tasks with absolute integrity.  He sets the example of hard work for all. Due to this young officer's maturity, intelligence, common sense and soldierly talents, he will have a long and promising Army career. Among the Army's most talented and best young managers, Captain Flynn superbly supervised over 11 full-time employees and 30 volunteers. Captain Flynn improves systems, creates new methods, and energizes and inspires his staff to superior results. I have complete and total confidence and trust in this officer; he has the maturity, loyalty, judgment and integrity of a senior officer."

Major General Bruce Davis

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's performance has been outstanding and far exceeds that of his peers. He has earned my respect and admiration and that of my staff by combining great legal talent with unique technical knowledge. His most valuable asset is his steady, measured, mission-focused approach. A team player, Lieutenant Colonel Flynn volunteers for the hard jobs and always goes the extra step necessary to accomplish the mission. Michael is a superb leader and mentor whose legal and military acumen are unsurpassed. Michael possesses unlimited potential to confidently and sagely serve and lead."


Faithful to the Law & Fair to All

Colonel Lenwood Landrum

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn expertly employed his leadership, management, and legal talents to propel the joint task force toward excellence. Because of his consummate knowledge, as well as his keen perception of legal nuances, other attorneys regularly sought Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's expert advice and assistance."

Colonel Karen Jennings

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn adeptly organized and tirelessly developed 56 legal professionals in a combat zone. He personally coached and judiciously empowered 15 attorneys in 5 legal offices to deliver full-spectrum legal support to 6 brigades, as well as expert legal services to over 30,000 DoD personnel. Michael's mastery of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and other disciplinary tools was invaluable in addressing senior leader misconduct and efficiently processing numerous courts-martial. He relentlessly pursued the swift and fair administration of military justice. His innate integrity and professionalism in dealing with unpalatable situations proved invaluable. The Commanding General relied extensively on Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's keen acumen in negotiating pretrial agreements and in reviewing complex investigations. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is a proactive counselor, a tenacious advocate, and a caring leader whose expertise has propelled the command and our soldiers toward success. His magnetic leadership generated synergism and camaraderie within and among his work groups and social circles. His tireless service, meticulous preparation, and forthright advice earned him the admiration of his superiors, peers, and subordinates. During his year-long deployment in Iraq, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Flynn continued his stellar performance as a superb attorney, outstanding leader, and excellent manager."

Brigadier General Gregory Couch

"Mike is the #1 Staff Judge Advocate I have worked with in my 29 years of service. His timely and accurate advice to me has been invaluable. Mike is a superb attorney, outstanding leader, and excellent manager whose exceptional performance greatly distinguishes him."

Colonel John Skelly

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is a brilliant attorney, superb leader and magnificent manager, who has tirelessly handled the command's legal affairs. Mike's legal acumen and charismatic leadership ensured the delivery of full-spectrum support and services in military justice, international and operational law, administrative and civil law, contract and fiscal law, legal assistance, and claims. His work ethic and boundless talent drive legal operations throughout our staff and seven major subordinate commands. He relentlessly pursued the swift investigation and just disposition of misconduct. He tenaciously pushed and pulled hundreds of stalled separation actions through the system. Mike conscientiously ensured that each Soldier received due process, while judiciously managing and innovatively marshalling the command's resources. His proactive delivery of legal services ensures that potential obstacles are anticipated and avoided. Mike challenges and improves policies and practices that are outdated or misguided. This multiskilled pentathlete amazingly balances his responsibilities as a Soldier, leader, attorney, citizen and family man in a fast-paced, demanding environment. Mike commands the respect and admiration of all."

Colonel Paul Tyler

"Mike is, without question, the best Staff Judge Advocate I supervise. He is an articulate, tenacious advocate, who provides proactive, full-spectrum legal support. This versatile Soldier-attorney is an extraordinary leader and technical expert. His keen intellect coupled with his sound judgment greatly distinguishes him from his peers. Mike is an agile, multi-skilled pentathlete, who outperforms himself and others every day."

Major General Harry Philips

"Mike must be elevated to strategic leadership positions so that he can transform legal processes and procedures for the entire Army Reserve as he did for his command. His legal knowledge is second to none and I continue to be impressed by his singularly outstanding leadership abilities."


Faithful to the Law & Fair to All

Colonel Stephen Castlen

"With creativity and tenacity, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Flynn is conquering our most pressing disciplinary challenges in the Army Reserve. He's known throughout the JAG Corps for his attention to detail, sage advice, incredible knowledge of criminal law and procedures, and wise counsel. As the principal Uniform Code of Military Justice expert of the Army Reserve, Mike proactively prosecutes the mission of administering discipline to thousands of Soldiers. Demonstrating remarkable diplomacy, he relentlessly pursued the swift investigation of complex and sensitive situations implicating senior leaders in serious misconduct. Mike expertly managed the prosecution of hundreds of disciplinary cases involving a broad range of offenses, including child pornography, desertion, sexual harassment, drug abuse, and sexual assault. He adeptly organized and funded ($900,000+) a task force to reduce the tremendous backlog of separation actions and to prepare hundreds of fraud cases for prosecution in courts-martial and federal courts. This was Mike's brainchild and the reality of this team is solely the result of Mike's creativity, diligence, and hard work. Mike humbly uses his legal acumen and charismatic leadership to challenge and improve policies and practices that are outdated or misguided. His work ethic and boundless talent drive legal operations throughout the Army Reserve staff and 33 subordinate commands. Mike exemplifies selfless service and professionalism as he coaches and requires his teammates to serve others with concern, honor, and integrity. Mike is that special team player that makes all around him better and provides the example of a physically fit, morally straight, and professional soldier. He clearly made the Criminal Law Division remarkably efficient and ensured the fair disposition of literally hundreds of cases. He is truly a multiskilled pentathlete: Soldier, Officer, Leader, Attorney and Citizen."

Lieutenant General Jack Stultz

"This versatile officer is an extraordinary warrior, leader, and technical expert, who personifies selfless service with his indefatigable zeal, irreproachable ethics, and keen vision. His foresight, planning and execution in establishing the prosecution task force is just one example of his tremendous vision, diligence, and leadership. Mike sees beyond the horizon--constantly anticipating tomorrow's legal issues. He is a confident, agile, and resilient leader whose strategic influence is unfathomable. Mike's performance was magnificent and what I come to expect from this superb officer and phenomenal lawyer. He excelled in routinely providing this Command brilliant research, in-depth analysis, common-sense solutions, and sage advice. He clearly established himself head and shoulders above his peers. Mike's talents and triumphs surpass 99% of more senior officers."

Lieutenant Colonel Steven Butler

"Mike is an exceptional officer and the ultimate team leader / team player. Mike's name is well-known throughout the Army Reserve, and his expert opinion on military justice matters is sought out on a daily basis. In most cases, his involvement was the key to resolving the action. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is a hands-on leader, and he personally reviewed and closed 450 disciplinary actions involving a broad range of misconduct. He is a rare talent given his wealth of military justice expertise and his outstanding leadership qualities."

Army Reserve HQ Staff Judge Advocate

"A superb performance by a visionary officer with unflagging zeal whose expertise in military justice is virtually unmatched within the Army Reserve. Lieutenant Colonel Mike Flynn did a phenomenal job shepherding the myriad of military justice actions that required the Commanding General's personal attention, while providing expert advice on hundreds of actions being processed by subordinate units and several high-profile cases, to include a premeditated murder case. Mike accomplishes the mission and ensures justice because he consistently challenges the status quo and finds new ways to improve guidance, processes, and procedures. Articulate and highly intelligent, Mike is able to distill complicated, and sometimes contradictory, statutes and regulations into easy to understand guidance and advice. He focused constant attention on the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases; and he spearheaded an effort to provide witness funding to help Active Army units prosecute Army Reserve Soldiers more effectively, to include five Soldiers charged with sexual assault. Mike's relentless efforts definitely transformed military justice in the Army Reserve for the better."

Major General Keith Thurgood

"As the point man for all disciplinary actions by the Commanding General, as well as an effective resource for subordinate commands, Mike made an immeasurable impact on good order and discipline throughout the command. Supervising the preparation of over 300 disciplinary actions and the recoupment of over $4 million of fraudulent payments are incredible contributions by themselves, but Mike also excelled at developing practical tools to elevate the practice of military justice across the entire command."

Major General Luis Visot

"Lieutenant Colonel Mike Flynn aggressively pursues the just result, no matter how difficult it may be to accomplish. His ability to manage and review hundreds of actions is impressive, but it is Mike's success at mentoring judge advocates, his skill at implementing systems to track pending cases, and his influence on shaping Army policy that will have a lasting impact. His focus on improving the investigation, tracking, and prosecution of sexual assault cases in the Army Reserve underscores his clear understanding of Army priorities, as well as the critical role his criminal law division plays in advancing this important task."


Faithful to the Law & Fair to All

Colonel Jon Hall

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is poised and confident. While Lieutenant Colonel  Flynn possesses unsurpassed technical knowledge and tactical vision, he also understands the strategic level implications of legal decisions. He is proactive, and applies an intense focus and innovative thinking to overcome challenges. He utilized his technical expertise and exceptional knowledge of Army data systems to improve timeliness and effectiveness of legal actions and command advice. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's integrity is above question. His actions demonstrate total commitment to the Army Values, and to its programs dedicated to individual dignity and respect."

Major General Jimmie Jaye Wells

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is a phenomenal advisor.  Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's perception, analysis, and problem solving are of the highest order. He mentors continuously through informing and demonstrating."

Colonel Craig Jacobsen

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's performance was nothing short of spectacular. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn maintains a strong sense of professionalism, poise and presence in the execution of his duties and interaction with staff. He possesses a keen intellect and excels in problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions to difficult issues. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's exceptional knowledge of the law and regulations allows him to consistently provide timely and accurate advice on a variety of legal topics to the Command, often with a short suspense date. He is a very effective mentor and has an extraordinary understanding of his subordinates' strengths and weaknesses. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn's real strength is his proactive approach to dealing with legal issues before they become a problem. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is an officer of integrity with high moral and ethical standards."

Major General James Young

"Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is the #1 Lieutenant Colonel in my headquarters. He possesses exceptional technical knowledge of the law and regulations and I have come to heavily rely on him for superlative advice. A true part of my inner circle and the command group, I regularly seek his advice on all legal, ethical, and fiscal issues involving the Command - and strategic issues beyond typical legal purview - and his counsel is truly genius. Lieutenant Colonel Flynn is the best attorney with whom I have served - period. Smart, efficient, strategic, great judgment and an incredible work ethic."

Colonel Alexander Walczak

"This multi-talented soldier-lawyer is an astute and prolific advocate with a keen ear to perceive legal issues and is well above contemporaries in drive, maturity, leadership, professionalism and self-sacrifice. I count on Mike Flynn for the tough jobs and I have never been disappointed. This dynamic result-oriented soldier has boundless energy and potential.  Innovative and successful, he has built an extraordinary reputation. Additionally, Mike Flynn is impeccably ethical and totally devoted to the Army."

Major Lawrence Morris

"Captain Flynn is one of the Division's most tenacious prosecutors. An acknowledged expert in financial crimes, Captain Flynn prosecuted several complex fraud cases. In several instances, Captain Flynn's guidance prompted the Criminal Investigation Division to restart or refocus stalled investigations. Captain Flynn also set the standard for courts-martial processing time in the Division. He tries cases faster than any of the Division's 13 trial counsel. An extremely fast thinker who approaches his cases with creativity and enthusiasm, Captain Flynn is also the Division's best researcher. Not only can he find the law, but he analyzes it carefully and dispassionately--a future judge. As a senior trial counsel in the Army's busiest criminal jurisdiction, he guided a new attorney through a sensitive and complicated rape case that resulted in a rape conviction and substantial sentence. Captain Michael Flynn is in the elite of officers who can try any case thrown at them. Demonstrating his preparation skills and strength under pressure, he successfully tried a contested case the same day an accused soldier withdrew from his guilty plea. Captain Flynn is an exceptionally quick study and an inventive thinker. He is among the best is staying apprised of fast-changing legal developments--a voracious reader of the law. Captain Flynn has unquestioned integrity; his word is his bond."


Faithful to the Law & Fair to All

Major Maureen Gilmore

"Thorough, knowledgeable, and persevering, Captain Flynn has uncanny talent to evaluate and understand the whole case, as well as the stamina and dedication to work through the nuances and details of each stage of the court-martial process. Junior trial counsel have benefited immeasurably from his patience and attention to detail, and victims of crime have been appropriately compensated through his aggressive enforcement of victim assistance law."

Lieutenant Colonel James Hatten

"Captain Michael Flynn's performance as a Division senior trial counsel has been truly outstanding. He is a confident litigator who is at home in the courtroom. Without exception his cases are thoroughly prepared and aggressively litigated. His ability has frequently required that he assume some of the caseload of other counsel while maintaining his own. Regardless of the load, he stayed calm and remained 100% reliable. Despite a heavy caseload, he is also the Division's best docket manager. His cases set the standard for efficient processing. He is truly at his best in court, where he is uniformly recognized as a most tenacious and highly skilled advocate. Captain Flynn is an excellent orator and writer. He also displays a superb legal mind. I would trust him to try any case regardless of the complexity."

Major Kevin Lovejoy

"A tenacious, efficient, and thorough prosecutor, Captain Flynn has become our designated hitter when other counsel are conflicted or otherwise unable to prosecute a case. His determination and ability to quickly grasp a case and move it to trial resulted in several outstanding convictions and sentences on short notice. A phenomenal legal researcher, Captain Flynn also knows how to argue the case law he cites. Military judges repeatedly praised him for his advocacy skills. His thorough research and witness preparation produced Army Europe's first conviction for marital rape and a ten year sentence. He also prosecuted a complex aggravated assault case against a Criminal Investigation Division agent that required delicate handling of several fellow agents and expert witnesses sympathetic to the defense. Captain Flynn resurrected the Division's victim/witness assistance program by revising the guide and personally ensuring the needs of the victims in his cases were provided for. Despite these numerous tasks, Captain Flynn continued to serve the community by devoting numerous off-duty hours to the Boy Scouts and conducting mock trials at the local elementary school."